SEO for beginners – Basic Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing a search engine or SEO (search engine optimization) is now something without which the creation of sites can hardly be imagined. To make a site that no one can find through Google and other search engines does not make any sense. What is SEO? In short, SEO means optimizing web pages (work on the site itself), as well as work on the promotion of the site (the main result of which is links from other sites) in order to increase the number of visitors coming to the site through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN. You can take a look at what Indexsy wrote about seo agencies if you are still unsure about what SEO entails, or if you are looking for ways to begin your own SEO marketing strategy. If you’re looking for SEO and webdesign services, use a company like a DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY UK to help your business achieve its potential.

If your site and content cannot be found on the browser, an opportunity has been missed not only to increase the number of visitors but the number of potential customers or clients. This means it might be time to seek help with a local seo audit to boost the number of new customers walking throuhg your doors.

post4aThis will be about so-called on page optimization, that is optimization or customization of web pages, in order to take advantage of the features of the site itself to achieve as good a position as possible in the search results. To track this text you need to have at least the most basic knowledge of HTML.


Probably the most important element on the HTML page regarding SEO optimization is the title. It is located in the head part of the HTML document. Use keywords at the beginning of the title tag, because it is also an important detail. The title tag should contain 5-10 words, among which the keywords and phrases for which you want the page to rank. A well-written title tag with a properly optimized page can really make a miracle. Never use the same title tag for all pages on the site.

Meta description and meta keywords

post4bIn addition to the title tag in the head of the HTML document, there are various meta tags, of which the most important meta description and meta keywords. Meta description contains a brief description of the page, and very often Google uses exactly that text in search results. This description should be so composed to attract people to click on that search result. For this, you have about 150 characters available. Meta keywords have lost its importance today, and many people do not use it.

Text and titles

Use the keywords in the titles in the H tags. The search engines pay great attention to H1-H6 tags. This assumes that the site was created with semantically valid and valid code, which is also desirable.