Keywords in SEO

In the process of optimizing the site for search engines, the first step is finding and selecting the keywords through which visitors will come to the site. This is extremely important, because optimization for the wrong keywords and terms that nobody uses in the search will not, of course, produce any result. On the other hand, high visibility across keywords that are not related to the main topic of the site is also pointless, since such visitors immediately leave the site. The goal is, therefore, to bring visitors who are interested in what is being offered, or in general about what the site is doing.

How to choose the right keywords?

post5aThere might be a lot of writing about that, and the process itself can be quite complicated, but for this introduction to SEO, here are some general guidelines.

If your company is engaged in accounting, financial and tax consulting, it’s obvious that your keywords will be financial consulting, accounting and tax consulting. At the same time, the very word consulting, which is much wider and more general than the mentioned areas, should not be ignored.

But concentrating solely and solely on the word consulting, there would be a waste of time and energy, because there are different types of consulting. One of the most difficult initial errors is precisely that, the choice of too general and general words or notions. For example, if you are engaged in rural tourism, and optimize the site for the world tourism.

Here the situation is quite obvious, but it’s often not so easy to determine the keywords, that is, people use different keywords and terms for the same thing. Sometimes, just experimenting and tracking the results leads to the final selection of key terms.

Use unique keywords

post5bCheck which keywords and terms are used by your competition. Any site to run, there are chances of 99% that other sites already exist in that area. On the other hand, this can be an aggravating circumstance. If competition is strong and if there are many sites that are actively working on optimization, it will be quite difficult to achieve a good position, and sometimes almost impossible. Type in web design and get almost 300 million results. Entering the battle for that term today is Sisyphus’s job in the true sense of the word.

If possible, it is of great use to use keywords in the site name, i.e. URL address. This is not crucial for ranking, but it can do much to help.

When you know the keywords and you have prepared content from the site, you need to know which sites are on a website where it is advisable and recommended to have those keywords.